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Dinghy & Oars

Tiller & Doors



Multi Mast Rigs

External Track and Batten Car Systems

In Mast Furling

Our Stand-Off System

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About Denis

Denis is an inventor and entrepreneur with over 40 years of carpentry and engineering experience prior to starting Kinleven Marine in 2015. A deepset passion for creating and problem solving has lead him to huge creative output, and his exacting standards and pronounced attention to detail are apparent in all of his projects.

Denis received his early training as an apprentice in a London boatyard after finishing art school, and has since been involved in a huge variety of projects, both artistic and practical, with an exhaustive range of materials.

While he's not sailing or developing new products, he's generally working on improvements for his boat which we look forward to sharing with you. If you would like to commission a piece of work, you can contact us using the details above.


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