MOB Ladder

by Kinleven Marine

Back to safety in under a minute!

Clamps to a stanchion

Fits instantly to a stable base

Fits any boat

Comes with a choice of 3 sizes of adjustable clamp

Ergonomic Design

Our ergonomic rung design provides comfort and stability.

Rubber Spacers

To protect your hands, and your hull

Quick release

Pull the cord and down it comes.

Durable Hard Case

To protect the ladder and look good on your boat.

Deployed MOB Ladder

Being in the water by your boat and unable to climb back onboard can be a nightmare, and anyone accustomed to using a transom-mounted boarding ladder will know just how dangerous they can be, especially in any kind of swell or when you're not in the water by choice.

We are currently in the advanced stages of developing a robust emergency man-overboard ladder deployable from in the water. All you do is pull the cord and down it comes. In cold conditions, we found we could fall in and be out of the water in under a minute.

Our MOB Ladder will fit instantly to a stanchion with strong 316 Stainless Steel rail clamps in a choice of 3 sizes. Early soft case prototypes have already passed rigorous in the water testing, and we are currently developing a hard cover version before it goes on general release.

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