“Gave the greatest sense of control and security”

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12 Days

Climb your mast in Comfort and Safety!

Stable and Quick

Hoisted on a halyard and stabilised by sail slides

Made to Measure

Rung placement calculated based on your precise ladder length

Easily Stowed

An average 35' ladder comes in a dry bag of only 20 litres.

Excellent Quality

Robust materials and design, with a 5 year guarantee


“Heading up my mast today to wash sand off, just because it’s so easy now.”

Think it won’t work on your mast? Try us!

Our ladders will work with a wide array of different rigs and systems including

Swept Spreaders Mast Ladder 3

Swept Spreaders

Our Stand-Off System gathers the ladder up like a Venetian Blind to get round swept spreaders which can get in the way when hoisting your ladder.

In Mast Furling

In Mast Furling

Most In-Mast Furling Systems have a built-in Spare Luff Groove in the extrusion, for a backup mainsail or staysail. Some do not, but we can still offer a solution.

External Track

Non-typical Systems

There’s a rich variety of Mainsail Management Systems out there, and we have a modification for most. So get in touch if yours falls outside the norm.

Multi Mast Rig Ladder

Multi Mast Rigs

We often make modifications that allow the same ladder to be used on multiple masts. Whatever your configurations, we'll have a solution so that one fits all.

The most natural way to climb a mast,
without having to drill holes in it to fit steps.

Work with both of your hands free

Combined with our pole strap you can work aloft from a stable base with both of your hands free, allowing you to focus completely on the task at hand while safe and secure.

No More Dangling in the Breeze

Unlike a more traditional bosuns chair, a mast ladder leaves you in full control throughout the climb. It's easy to use single handed and won't leave you dangling in the breeze.

No Compromise to Mast Integrity

The stability and convenience of Mast steps at a fraction of the cost, and without the extra windage, sail abrasion, and corrosion risk of holes drilled in your mast.

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