How It Works

The Kinleven Yacht Mast Ladder is a simple and stable solution which will allow you to climb your mast solo and with minimal preparation.

  • Hoisted on a Halyard
  • Stabilised by the climber's weight on its 3 line webbing construction
  • Secured by sail slides in the Luff Groove, or other Sail Management System
  • Carefully designed for grip, comfort, practicality, strength, durability and ease of climbing.

Made to Measure

Our Mast Ladders are made to measure so that, while the top rung is just a metre below the masthead sheave, the bottom rung is neither too high nor too low, in other words, within easy reach of the boom (not too high), and not in the way if you want to pre-tension your ladder by tying off at the foot of your mast (not too low).

We do this by taking the precise ladder length and calculating the distance required between each rung to the nearest millimetre. We balance spacing with the number of rungs to keep within a “comfortable climbing” range. For “Racing” versions, we can fit fewer rungs spaced further apart to save on weight.

Made to measure

5 Year Guarantee

Though not as familiar or available as the old Bosun’s Chair, variations on this type of mast climbing kit have been around in one form or other for many years. Since we started, we’ve been making continual improvements to our own version - to make the best version we could - one we feel happy to give a 5 year guarantee on. More than once, we’ve given the whole thing a thorough re-think; to improve the practicality of the end-product and make producing it sustainable and efficient.

Highest Quality Materials

We cannot stress enough how important it is to us that our product be both safe and lasting. This is why we have been painstakingly thorough in our choice of materials and suppliers. Quality lasts, and keeps you safe.

Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel - Breaking Load 4,750 Kg
Polyester - Breaking Load 2,000 Kg each
Polyester T12m Thread with Webbing Eye Stitching (Complies to OSR recommendation: contrasting colour for ease of inspection) - Mean Tensile Strength N 162.0; Elongation at break 19.5; Breaking Load 1,200+Kg
Injection Moulded Glass-Reinforced-Nylon (Riveted together through the webbing. We use a fid-technique similar to the way braided ropes are spliced, so as not to compromise on strength.)
Aluminium (Al Mg Si) - Shear Strength 1.690N

Large Flange Rivets(High Corrosion Resistance) - Tensile Strength 2.230N
Eyelets & Blocks - 316 Stainless Steel
Polyester Canvas