Getting those maintenance tasks done aloft can be inconvenient if you can’t get them done without competent crew present to winch you up and lower you back down safely.

With a Yacht Mast Ladder mast climbing can be done safely and easily and those jobs done from a steady foothold. Add a Pole Strap to the setup and working aloft hands free will be done in a fraction of the time. Once tried a good mast climbing system becomes an essential piece of marine equipment for yachting.

At Kinleven Marine we work to give you safe and effective masthead access, as hassle free as possible to buy and deploy, to free you up for enjoying the adventure, challenge and beauty of sailing.

Whether doing maintenance in harbour, sailing offshore or in coastal waters, having the means to climb your mast safely, easily and solo, in a way that enables working effectively, is a wise precaution. Navigation lights, Tricolour's, aerials, wind vanes, rigging, sheaves, radar, among many things, may need your urgent attention.

There’s no need to swing in the breeze climbing halyards or winched up in a boson's chair. A mast ladder gives a much greater sense of control, security and self reliance. As one customer put it recently, he was surprised by how un-terrified he felt at the top of his mast. Take a look at our Gallery of photographs from happy customers around the world.

Some of our customers, we know, go up just for the view. And some even do so in bare feet! Permanent mast steps are great, but many people don’t like the compromises installing them requires, not least to mast integrity. Some don’t like the holes drilled in their mast, the extra windage, sail abrasion or cost.

Various types of mast climbing equipment are available; some are hard work going up, tough to work from or stay on for long, and some are difficult to climb down. Few are as comfortable and convenient as our mast ladder, at a fraction of the cost of fitted mast steps. We’ve put a great deal of work into making our mast ladders as comfortable as possible to climb both up and down, and to work from. Because we know that discomfort, in situations where vital safety is at issue, should be recognised as a danger signal; a stimulus to think things through better. High up, aloft, discomfort is not something to be admired or ignored.