If you're going to be working at height, ensuring your safety is paramount, so we do everything we can to make sure your risk is minimised.

Every ladder we send out is rigorously inspected and an Inspection Checklist is completed before packing and dispatch. We also use a traceable batch system for all parts and materials.


Our Safety Checklist

Every Mast Ladder we send out goes out in a Dry Bag.

Every Mast Ladder Dry Bag we send out is screen printed, in our print shop, with a pre-flight checklist.

Our Instructions provide a detailed outline of each item.

Most of these points are fairly straight forward, however there are a number of possible variations with regard to Safety Lines.

We strongly recommend the use of a good quality full body harness and a safety line, even better in combination with our Pole Strap.

We also strongly recommend, for this purpose, using a separate halyard from the one used to hoist the ladder.

We’ve used various safety line arrangements.

Our current favourite is one of our prototype harnesses attached to a spare halyard using a sliding Klemheist, and a Pole Strap.

We’re working on combining the two.


Safety Lines and Knots

Here's is some great guidance on how to use a Klemheist safety line and how to tie a Klemheist knot. Our thanks to Urban Engberg for the video clip and animated knots by grog.