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Our Adjustable Mast-Hoop Strap allows you to work hands-free and far more effectively. This accessory is highly recommended by our customers and an important safety feature.

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We call it our “Pole Strap”. However, when Sailing Today rated our ladders as their preferred solo mast climbing solution out of those tested, they also said, “We particularly liked the adjustable mast-hoop strap”. In fact they said that if they used one of the other systems they’d want to use one of our mast-hoops with it. They didn’t know what to call it because we’d sent them a prototype to try, and we hadn’t really decided yet.

Either way, we find it one of the items in our kit-bag that makes the most difference when working aloft. So long as you have a reliable foothold, the Adjustable Mast-Hoop Strap or Pole Strap allows you to work hands-free and far more effectively.

Pole Straps are made in our sewing shop using our big industrial Singer and heavy duty T12 thread, applied in Pam’s tested super-strong stitching pattern.

The ‘Mast-Hoop’ bit is made of 2 tonne Polyester webbing, and forms a continuous ring around the mast, clipped back on itself on the left hand side. This hoop component is stitched onto a fully adjustable 43 mm double webbing belt for comfort and practicality.

All metal parts are made of 316 Stainless Steel; all selected for durability in marine conditions and for having at least four times the strength ever likely to be required.

One-hand adjustment on the right provides easy control of how near the wearer is held to the mast.

Although this item allows considerable freedom of movement and should be used with (not instead of) a safety line and harness, we find it contributes most to feeling secure at heights and in windy and lively conditions.

If you’d prefer to be invoiced for payment by cheque, or bank you can contact us to place an order.

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