Swept Spreaders can get in the way. Our rungs are 340mm in length so if the angle of the spreaders is sufficiently acute, they can make it difficult or impossible to hoist your ladder.

If in doubt it’s better to assume they will and order your ladder with a fitted Stand-Off System. Even parallel spreaders can get in the way a bit when hoisting in a breeze.

Stand-Off Systems can be retrofitted, however it is best if we know with order that one is required  - so we can fit special parts inside the top and bottom rungs during assembly.

How It Works

To get round swept spreaders we designed a system that gathers the ladder up like a Venetian Blind.  

Because sail slides are fitted to the central webbing line mid-point between ladder rungs, gathering up the ladder in this way allows it to “stand-off” from the mast, sufficiently to get past spreaders.

The ladder is hoisted in the gathered-up position to the top of the mast using a halyard.

It is then lowered using the Stand-Off System, past the spreaders, unfurling and pulling in to the mast as it goes.

If needed, a line from the bottom of the ladder can be used to help guide the ladder clear of obstructions.

An added bonus of the Stand-Off System is that it makes packing the ladder after use a lot easier.  

The ladder comes down already gathered together and can easily be rolled into a compact bundle ready to go into its drying bag and dry bag for stowing.