We make bespoke versions that allow the same ladder to be used on both or all masts

Ketches, Yawls and Schooners, often have different masts that use different sail management systems and can feature both parallel and swept spreaders. Main and Mizzen Masts often require different sail slides.

Again the variety out there is a joy to the enthusiast.

For all arrangements, we’ll either have solutions already, make on demand or design when the need arises.

Bespoke, Bib-Ladders and GP Yacht Ladders

We also design and make special kit to suit particular requirements - Not unusual when designing for Multi-Mast Rigs.

A Bib-Ladder gives better working access to the front of the mast, to get to Radar or Navigation lights for example. This is a short length of ladder that hangs on the front of the mast from the main ladder, which is stabilised in the luff groove and so goes up the aft face of the mast.

A General Purpose Yacht Ladder is a short length of ladder 6-11 Ft long, used for a variety of functions, such as for access to the boom where access is otherwise difficult.

Multi Mast Rig Ladder